Information Technology

I troubleshoot and fix computers running Windows, Mac OS/X, and Linux as well as smartphones and tablets. I also upgrade computers and design and build custom workstations and servers. I know every major operating system and most major software packages including Office, Google's app suite, and Adobe Creative Suite. I've been doing hardware and software support for seventeen years (really).

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Workflow Systems Development

Systems work even when people fail.

Over the years I've created countless workflows for myself, peers, and customers. Having an effecient system is key to working effectively and creating a reproducable product. With the right systems in place it's easy to maintain a standard of excellence every time you do something. No matter what you're doing, I can help you do it better and consistently.

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Oil & Gas Land Services

I have years of experience in landwork. I know deeds inside and out, as well as leases, right-of-way agreements, seismic permits, and any other legal document you need analyzed or made. Descriptions? No problem. I've worked with every kind — Jeffersonian, metes & bounds, quadrant-bearing — in most states. If you're using a document and data management system, chances are I know it, too.


Geographic Information Systems

I have years of experience with GIS and cartography.
From colored pencil on graph paper to ArcGIS and qGIS, I've made — and make — maps for every purpose imaginable. Leasehold, property, hunting land, setback, black & white, color, aerial photography – you name it, I can make it. Web, app, or print, too.

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Creative Services

I know composition, layout, color, and design. I've done every kind of project from web design to business cards and flyers to church dedication videos set to music. I can handle your project to your specifications like a high-efficency lone wolf or work with you every step of the way. I edit pictures and video. If your project needs acronymic skills like HTML, CSS, PHP, or JS, I've got you covered.

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I Have a Blog, Too

I keep a blog where I document interesting solutions to intriguing problems I've encountered. The link's at the bottom of the page!

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